Domains added to the billing system

We've expanded our domain options. We can also manually assist with international domains.


Digipark Support

20th Jul 2021
Software Updates

In the near future we will be going through accounts and updating server software where possible. Many accounts use older versions of php (server software) that is no longer being updated. This can potentially cause security issues for your sites so we will update these for you. Some of you have old websites that can't run on newer software. Once ... Read More »

4th Jun 2020
Web server issue

We're investigating an intermittent server issue which we believe started yesterday. We think it is software related and are investigating. Update: The server issue appeared to be a small scale DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. We've implemented additional security and the server has appeared to be stable since then. Digipark Support Read More »

27th Sept 2019
cPanel update

The server software is currently going through an update and it is producing an extremely high load on the server. Sites may not show at the moment until the update is complete. We are monitoring the upgrade. 8:40pm MDT update: It appears the update is almost done. cPanel usually updates with minimal impact but this particular update had rather ... Read More »

29th May 2019
Thinking of a new website?

Digipark also develops websites. Many of the projects we do are Wordpress related, but we also do completely custom coded sites or can take over on existing projects where the previous developer(s) have left. Contact us today with your needs so we can discuss the right solution for your needs.

Digipark Support

7th Aug 2017